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Multigenerational, Inclusive Playground with Splash Pad for Kids of All Ages & Abilities

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Major Renovations Coming for this LaPorte, Indiana Park!

LaPark Playground

The former Park School had renovated their playground to include several inclusive and handicap accessible features ‍‍for their students. When Bethany Church purchased the playground, they wanted to keep it open for the community and accessible for all abilities. We noticed: it is visited by many families of varied abilities!  This project to renovate the playground with multi-generational equipment, inclusive features, and a splash pad for all kids has been many years in the making. We are excited to announce this "new thing" for LaPorte.


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Your donation matters!

Donations of $20-$250
Everyone can donate to help make this a reality. Several $20 donations can add up!

Donations of $251-$1,000
These donations are the funding to replace swings, park signage, and more.

Donations of $1,001-$2499
These donations help to replace benches and small sections equipment.

Thanks to the IHCDA Creating Places program, and the generosity of our community, we met our matching grant goal towards the splash pad of $50,000! Actually we exceeded it! We raised enough to be in the TOP TEN funds raised for causes through Patronicity! That along with other funds raised and the incredible support of the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte, means that we may be able to complete the entire playground in 2019! Other Monsoon Level Supporters are the American Licorice Company and the Bethany Foundation.

Step Two
Check out the giving levels and see which one fits your passion for this project.

Step Three
If you're ready, click on the link to make a donation or bring one to 102 G Street

Step Four
Let us know if there are other ways in which you would like to help. EMAIL


Play is a healthy thing for families and all ages and abilities. We want to make LaPark truly inclusive and multi-generational. The Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte has been the key start in funding this dream!


This part of the renovation will be a handicap accessible, multi-feature splash pad. This can happen by 2019 with your help! Any donation helps. The Patronicity/IHCDA grant has helped to make the splash pad possible!


How can you help? Donations of any amount can be made online or at Bethany Church. You can also donate skills, services, and time. Community input sessions will be coming soon!




Splash Pad Acrylic Features



Splash Pad Surfacing



Sway Fun Glider


Potential Features

Donations of $2,499-$9,999                       These donations help replace sections of playground and splash equipment.

Donations of $10,000 +
These donations help replace entire pieces of playground and splash equipment.

Step One
Look around this site. Consider the positive impact of Inclusive Play in our community.